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Dentistry and COVID-19

Wondering if it's safe to go to the dentist during the Covid-19 pandemic? You're not alone! Since TopDental reopened for non-emergency treatments last month, we have received several inquiries about the safety of going to the dentist in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which the World Health Organization has advised will likely be around for a long time to come.

Dentist Covid 19 Odontologo

The good news: going to the dentist isn't the same as going to a hair salon. Dentists are accustomed to mitigating the risk of infectious disease, and we were already taking numerous precautions before the appearance of Covid-19. At TopDental, we already thoroughly sanitize our exam rooms between each patients, use autoclave technology for sterilization, and follow American Dental Association biosafety and hygiene practices. Our new procedures in response to Covid-19 include the following:

  • Requiring patients to attend appointments alone and use masks in the waiting room

  • Taking patients' temperatures and sanitizing hands upon arrival

  • Enhanced sanitization of common areas

  • Screening patients for Covid-19 symptoms

  • Spacing out of appointments to avoid contact between patients in the waiting room

  • Additional PPE worn by our dentists and support staff

  • Routine testing of our dentists and support staff

Teddy Amenabar wrote last month in the Washington Post, "Social distancing is the best way to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus until there’s a vaccine. When that’s not possible, we wear face masks. But what happens when we need to go to the dentist?

Dental practices are adapting how they work in and around a patient’s mouth to account for this complicated reality. Dentists are screening patients for symptoms, limiting the number of appointments in a day, implementing stringent sanitation protocols and wearing more protective equipment to guard against the respiratory disease.

The Washington Post has been fielding thousands of reader questions about life during the coronavirus pandemic and many have asked whether they should go to upcoming dentist appointments. Dentists and public-health experts are concerned that Americans are putting off routine cleanings, which could compound health issues in the months or years to come.

“Dentistry is not an elective procedure,” said Purnima Kumar, a professor of periodontology at Ohio State University. “They’re important to your mouth health, as well as to the health of the rest of your body.”


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 0959146867 or

Amenabar, Teddy. Yes, you should still go to the dentist. But be careful. The Washington Post. June 28, 2020.

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