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The TopDental Team

TopDental is very proud to have the best team of dentists and specialists in Manta. Many of us have been working together for years, and one of our greatest strengths is providing coordinated care by our team of professionals in all of the dental specialty areas - whatever your dental needs, we can provide the solution!

Get to know more about our friendly, expert team here:

Dr. Victor Carreño, Cosmetic Dentist and Oral Surgeon

Dr. Camilo Ortiz, General Dentist, Resident in Periodontics

Dr. Nadia Larrea, General Dentist

Dr. Maholy Muñoz, Endodontist

Dr. Victor Intriago, Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Nicole Rivera, Endodontist

Dr. Karen Mora, Orthodontist and General Dentist

Dr. Jose Lema, Periodontist

Dr. Paola Ramos, Orthodontist

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We're Dedicated to Excellence

While Dr. Victor Carreño of Manta, Ecuador, leads the dental specialty team, Jennifer Carreño, originally from Dallas, Texas, is the dental tourism coordinator. Both Dr. Victor and Jennifer are dedicated to quality and excellence in their work, are bilingual in English and Spanish, and both bring each of their cultures' warm hospitality to their dental practice. "Our philosophy is to provide the absolute best dental experience from the moment you walk in the door of TopDental, and you will always be able to count on us and our team for anything you need."

Customer Service is our Passion

The TopDental team is comprised of friendly and highly skilled individuals all driven by the same mission: to give you the best dental experience possible. Everyone in our practice, from our office manager Maria to our dentists, specialists and dental assistants, want to provide you with the highest level of quality dental care and customer service.


Join the TopDental patient family!

Call us for an appointment today and see why we are the dental care clinic of choice for both local and international patients here in Manta, Ecuador. We look forward to helping you with whatever dental needs you may have, and providing you with oral health care unlike any other in Ecuador. 

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