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How can I research the quality of dentists, doctors and medical centers in Ecuador?

Are you concerned about the quality of medical and dental care in Ecuador, and how to find competent and trustworthy professionals and clinics? Did you know that Ecuador has a strict licensing and categorization system for medical professionals as well as medical and dental clinics, and that this can be confirmed in their online databases? Each establishment , doctor and dentist must maintain a current license with ACESS (Health Services Quality Assurance Agency) of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health, in order to legally provide healthcare services to patients. The Ministry of Health and ACESS also designate what kind of procedures can be performed. Read on for more information about how to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to receive high-quality medical and dental care in Ecuador.

The quality of dental care in Ecuador can vary greatly, and the ACESS permit is an important indicator of a high-quality dental practice in Ecuador. Below is TopDental's 2022 ACESS certificate, for example. We are designated by ACESS as a "Centro de Especialidades", or Dental Specialty Center, which means we are licensed to provide specialized dental care in many different areas including oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics, in addition to general dentistry. Dental specialty centers are held to a higher standard by ACESS than dental "consultorios", which are licensed to offer general dentistry only. A Centro de Especialidades must meet more requisites as related to sterilization, equipment, installations, hygiene, disposal of hazardous waste, and more.

Additionally, patients can search for the dental provider's credentials in the national online SENESCYT system, to verify that the professional is a licensed dentist (odontologo), surgeon, orthodontist, etc. Below is an example of Dr. Victor Carreno's SENESCYT credentials:

And if you ever have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to ask your medical or dental provider! We hope this article has been helpful for those looking for top-quality dental and medical care in Ecuador.


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