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How to care for your invisible aligners

Congratulations on choosing to straighten your smile with invisible aligners! There are a few important tips you should be aware of to make sure your aligners stay in top shape.

1. Use your aligners as long as possible, day and night, removing them only when you eat or drink.

Make sure to remove your aligners anytime you eat or drink anything except water. Aligners are not designed to use while eating and may even crack. Liquids can become trapped between aligners and your teeth and cause staining on your teeth, the resin attachments, or the aligners themselves.

2. Avoid colored drinks

Drinks such as coffee, cola, red wine, etc. can stain your aligners and the resin attachments on your teeth. It's best to avoid these drinks during your treatment.

3. Rinse each time you remove the aligners

Each time you remove your aligners to eat or drink, rinse them out as soon as possible. Your mouth and saliva contain bacteria which should be removed ASAP from the plastic aligners.

4. Clean them properly

Before placing the aligners in your mouth again, clean them with a mild soap such as a dish soap designed for baby bottles. You can also soak the aligners in soap and water for 30 minutes per day, ideally while eating. Use lukewarm water to clean your aligners as very hot or cold water can damage them. Avoid using toothpaste to clean your aligners as it is abrasive to the plastic and can scratch or stain your aligners.

5. Care for your teeth

It is very important to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before each time you put your aligners in your mouth in order to prevent decay, bacteria buildup, and bad breath.

6. Store the aligners properly

When you remove your aligners for any period of time, rinse them and store them in the case that we provide to keep them clean and avoid misplacing them! Be cautious of wrapping them in a napkin, for example, which may accidentally be thrown away. When it's time to change to a new aligner (usually every 15-21 days), clean the previous aligner and store it in a safe place.

If you have any questions, let our orthodontic team know at 0959146867!


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