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What's included with my dental cleaning at TopDental?

Did you know that at TopDental, we are committed to providing top-quality dental care WAY above and beyond the "norm" in Ecuador? Read on to learn the cost of a dental cleaning, what sets us apart from the rest and the 10 steps we cover in each dental cleaning to ensure that your oral health stays in top shape.

You often hear that you should visit your dentist for a cleaning at least once every 6 months. Why is that so important? Because a cleaning includes so much more than just removing plaque from your teeth! And it certainly makes a difference which provider you choose for your cleaning. In Manta, Ecuador, there is a huge variance in the quality of dental providers. At TopDental, you can rest easy knowing that our procedures follow ADA and CDC standards and guidelines for equipment and instrument sterilization. Always make sure your dental provider is utilizing autoclave equipment for instrument sterilization as well as packaging instruments separately for each patient to avoid cross-contamination (this is NOT necessarily standard practice in Ecuador). Dr. Carreno was trained at Denver Health and in private dental practice in Denver, Colorado, and our whole team's processes, and the quality of our equipment and techniques, reflect that training. Our patients' and our team's health and safety are a top priority.

A standard dental cleaning, polish and oral health examination costs $52 at TopDental. Our patients often tell us that they think this is an excellent value - in Ecuador, the dental hygienist profession does not exist, so your treatment will be provided by one of our highly trained dentists - Dr. Camilo, Dr. Karen, Dr. Nadia, or Dr. Victor. Meet some of our team members here! Your dentist will complete the following 10 steps in your appointment:

1. Complete removal of bacterial plaque and tartar with ultrasound.

2. Polishing of tooth surfaces and flossing.

3. Caries detection.

4. Evaluation for/detection of periodontal inflammation or diseases.

5. Evaluation of the state of previously done restorations and review for leaks, fractures, etc.

6. Occlusal evaluation of the bite and its relationship with the temporomandibular joint.

7. Review of potentially cancerous oral lesions.

8. Periapical x-ray if necessary and evaluation of patient radiographs/CBCT scans.

9. Delivery of oral hygiene kit, samples, and/or prescriptions of recommended dental products or medications.

10. Consultation with the dentist for any questions or concerns you have about your dental status and recommendation / treatment planning if necessary.

Our team of professionals is committed to improving and maintaining your oral health, and will recommend only the necessary treatment (if anything beyond attending regular cleanings is required). WhatsApp, call or email us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment!

+593959146867 (0959146867 locally)

Did you know that our core dental team and most of our dental specialists are fluent in English?

Dr. Victor Carreno (cosmetic dentist + oral surgeon, English + Spanish)

Dr. Camilo Ortiz (dentist + implantologist, English + Spanish)

Dr. Karen Mora (dentist + orthodontist, English + Spanish)

Dr. Nadia Larrea (dentist, English + Spanish)

Dr. Paola Ramos (orthodontist, English + Spanish)

Dr. Jose Lema (periodontist, English + Spanish)

Dr. Victor Intriago (oral and maxillofacial surgeon, English + Spanish)


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